The Altizer Partners


APP's unique capabilities in performance and wellness come from the professional and personal experiences and capabilities of partners Anne and Chris Altizer. Each possesses an impressive set of experiences - small business owner / corporate executive, certified personal trainer / human resources leader, equestrian / Scuba instructor. They are both certified Yoga instructors and accomplished martial artists and instructors for over a decade and are also trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Together, they provide a unique offering of assessment, planning, coaching, and training underscored by a code of principles and ethics that can help clients set and reach personal and professional goals of performance and wellness in an achievable and sustainable way. 

Our Credentials

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Anne Altizer, BA, MA, NASM CPT

Brings passion, knowledge and commitment to her clients.

Anne blends her professional leadership and business experiences, studies with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and American College of Healthcare Sciences with experiences in martial arts, horseback riding, accident recovery, and Yoga RYT200 Teacher training to help clients develop truly integrated practices toward performance and wellness. 

Chris Altizer, BA, MA, MBA

Brings over 30 years of deep HR and business experience to his clients.

Chris has worked with C-suite and senior leaders in Pfizer, Aetna, Warner-Lambert, and Allstate and led HR teams around the globe. He blends his expertise with leaders, teams, and change with certifications in world-class assessments along with his experiences teaching martial arts, Scuba, and yoga to help leaders and teams develop and maintain balance while achieving goals.

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Alessa Natale, BA, MS/PhD (2022)

Provides research, design and psychometrics expertise to APP with a specialty in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Alessa is a research associate contributing to Altizer Performance Partners. Her research interests are broad, but she is predominantly interested in the integration of Positive and I-O Psychologies, Leadership, issues of diversity in the workplace, and innovative measurement methods. In addition to her research design and psychometrics expertise, she brings over 5 years of teaching and training in academic, training, and workplace settings.