Case Studies in Performance & Wellness Integration

Over the years, Chris & Anne have developed approaches and techniques that have become the APP Methodology. These three case studies are composites of real people who have improved performance and wellness through integration.

CEO Ellen and the Tense Team

CEO Ellen engages APP to help her leadership team deal with increasing stress and improve performance. In a full-day, integrated program, the team develops an action plan to improve performance and collaboration; learns nutrition practices to fuel for energy; personalizes fitness practices to strengthen the body and reduce stress; and learns simple centering practices to maintain balance throughout the day.

Executive Liz Optimizes Performance & Wellness

Senior Executive Liz engages APP to help her think through an organizational issue. Through that coaching, she discovers practice gaps that inhibit her overall effectiveness. By integrating her approach to being centered and fit, she increases her energy and engagement at work in in life.


Michael's Performance/Wellness Balancing Act

Executive Michael engaged APP to help reorganize and restart his leadership team. Through that he discovers practice gaps that are inhibiting his ability to balance personal and professional goals. By thoroughly integrating one practice, Michael establishes new priorities that create more actual and potential balance at work and in life.