APP Consulting Services

optimized, sustained executive Performance

We help executives achieve their goals, improve their balance, and sustain their progress. We bring a unique, cross-disciplinary approach that addresses the entire person. We leverage the Hogan® suite of assessments, our own deep experience working with C-suite leaders, and a holistic, integrated approach to professional and personal performance.

APP’s unique approach and experience positions them to work with executives at all levels - from high potentials all the way to the C-suite. More importantly, you get personalized focus and attention targeted to your specific needs with outstanding results.
— Charles H. - CHRO Fortune 50

Superior, sustained Team Performance

We work with teams through coaching, process, and experienced facilitation to help:

  • New teams get off to a fast start with norms, roles, and responsibilities

  • Challenged teams improve communication, prioritization, and problem solving

  • High-performing teams solve complex organizational and business challenges

We use the Hogan® suite of assessments, the MBTI®, in-depth assessment methods, and our own deep experience helping new teams begin or current teams renew to higher performance.

Performance & Wellness - integrated

We provide business and personal clients with focused, expert coaching through:

  • Personalized assessment of needs and goals of fitness, fueling, and centering for optimal outcomes

  • A holistic focus on physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and performance

  • Customized planning and on-going training & coaching to achieve and sustain performance and wellness over time

We work with groups and individuals local and remote to increase awareness and abilities to achieve, maintain or regain functional wellness and performance at work and in life.