Why did Harvard Business Review print twelve articles on mindfulness at work in the last year?

Because mindfulness in the workplace can improve performance and wellness!

With our unique combination of experiences, Altizer Performance Partners works with you to integrate performance and wellness into your 2017 Kick Off meetings! Your team can begin the year with simple practices to become:

Mindfully Fit – practical fitness techniques for any level, designed for individuals and teams for the office and on the road – without the gear;

Mindfully Fueled – practical fueling strategies and techniques for increased energy, creativity, and wellness that improve health and performance;

Mindfully Centered – practical centering techniques of breathing, posture, and meditation suitable for any place to reduce stress, maintain balance, and improve insight;

Mindfully Safe – practical techniques and training in personal awareness and safety for road warriors, frequent flyers, and chronic commuters;

Mindfully Teaming – exploring and improving your team’s dynamics of communication, problem-solving, and decision-making – ideal in support of goal setting, strategic planning, and change management.

We can integrate these engaging experiences into management year-beginning, goal-setting, or planning meetings or as presentations for larger groups of employees.

Begin 2017 in the present moment with practices that enable your goals and intentions for individual, team, and organizational performance and wellness. Contact us to discuss options.


Image: Shutterstock/Anatoli Styf