Mindfully Seminars

APP bring their expertise, passion, and engaging presence on topics of performance and wellness. Seminars are customized for employees, managers, and leaders feeling the demands of work and life and the need to succeed. App programs focus on practical skills for work/life balance and integrating professional and personal performance and wellness. 

Mindfully Mobile

A modular, one-day program for frequent flyers, road warriors, and chronic commuters to maintain performance and wellness through being Mindfully Fit, Mindfully Fueled, Mindfully Safe, and Mindfully Centered. A practical program with a companion book for companies with employees seeking balance through simple, practical techniques that work for anyone, anywhere. 

Mindfully Fit - portable strength & flexibility practices
Mindfully Fueled - realistic, goal-focused practices
Mindfully Safe - situational, effective safety practices
Mindfully Centered - energy creating, stress reducing practices

Mindfully Teaming

A tailored program for leadership, management, and project teams integrating Fitness, Fueling, Centering, and Teaming. Team members complete MBTI® Personality Type Indicators and prepare a team meal as part of a unique team effectiveness experience that integrates performance and wellness for sustained team success over time. Grounded in the practices of mindfulness, participants learn and practice valuable lessons in how to maintain healthy fueling practices, maintain strength and flexibility through practical in-office fitness practices, and maintain personal and group balance and centeredness in the workday through simple practices of breathing, yoga and meditation. Participants learn the traits of a "mindful team" and explore their own intellectual diversity to identify opportunities to improve communication, decision-making, prioritization, and engagement.

Mindfully Leading

A custom-tailored leadership experience for executives and leaders seeking techniques and practices to improve their leadership performance and personal and professional balance. Mindfully Leading is not a class or large group session - it is an individual or small cohort experience involving a deep assessment of strengths, weaknesses, motives, and values across personal and professional domains. Participants complete self-assessments of health, fitness, and personality as part of a unique, integrated development experience that addresses the whole person. As a leadership program, participants learn valuable lessons for themselves in improving personal and professional effectiveness and efficiency by integrating practices of mind, body and spirit.