Building Your Team - Mindfully

Altizer Performance Partners combines 30 years experience in senior team effectiveness in Fortune 100 companies and non-profit organizations with a unique combination of certified expertise in yoga, holistic nutrition, personal training, martial arts, scuba, and mindfulness. Our holistic approach to team experience engages the mind, body, and spirit and provides valuable, sustainable lessons for team performance and wellness.

·      Increase trust, collaboration, and communication

·      Reduce effects of stress, improve wellness

·      Learn skills that translate back to “the real world”


Tailored for any level of physical ability to optimize engagement, learning, and sustainability. delivered stand-alone or integrated into a Group or team meeting agenda.

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Mindfully Fit - simple, repeatable team-based workplace fitness practices to increase and sustain energy, balance, and connection for all levels that integrate into daily practice.


Mindfully Fueled – an introduction to the benefits of mindful eating and a hands-on, healthy, engaging team lunch or dinner preparation experience with valuable lessons in teamwork.


Mindfully Safe – practical skills training of Aware, Avoid, Evade, and Escape to maintain personal awareness and safety when travelling for business, for pleasure, or in daily life.


Mindfully Centered – an introduction to breath, meditation, and “mindful meeting” practices to improve focus, creativity, and presence that can be practiced collectively or individually.


Mindfully Moving – an all-levels introduction to personal, office, and partner yoga practice that stimulates and engages mind, body, and spirit for balance, flexibility, and strength.


Mindfully Teaming – increase awareness and attention to communication, problem-solving, and conflict management leveraging the intellectual diversity of personality with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ®.

Mindfully Submerged – a full-day introductory scuba diving experience emphasizing teamwork and introducing the wonders of diving delivered under closely controlled conditions. Certain medical or physical conditions may restrict participation and snorkeling is an option.