APP is completely committed to modeling the highest standards of ethics and conduct in each of the domains of expertise in which we serve. There are many organizations with defined codes of ethics and conduct regarding coaching, consulting, and training in the various domains of performance and wellness. APP holds to the codes of conduct and ethics of the organizations from which we hold certification, including the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Consulting Psychologists Press, Yoga Alliance, National Association of Underwater Instructors, American College of Healthcare Sciences, and Hogan. 

In addition to the standards set by these organizations, APP has a few, simple rules that are always applied to any engagement and every client:

  1. Confidentiality. APP will not divulge any client data, feedback, perspective, or information of any kind to anyone other than the individual client, regardless of the contracting source including client sponsor (i.e., employer, family member - anyone) without the express written approval of the client to include exactly what information, to whom, and how released unless not doing do would violate local or national law.
  2. Best effort. APP will provide its best effort to ensure the goals and standards set for any engagement are met or exceeded. APP will candidly and proactively advise the client and where appropriate client sponsor or contracting source of obstacles or circumstances where APP may be at risk of not delivering contracted services as agreed between APP and the client.  
  3. Diversity & Inclusion. APP partners have a track record of and commitment to human advocacy and alliance without regard to natural or acquired differences or diversity. 
  4. Data Protection. APP will take appropriate measures to maintain the confidentiality of all client data developed or created in the engagement, documents or electronic, in maintenance, storage and disposal. We will meet the data protection requirements of clients, client sponsors, or contracting sources, and all applicable regulations and laws. 
  5. Conflict of Interest. APP will avoid or recuse itself from any actual or potential situation where APP may benefit from inappropriate access to or use of client or client sponsor information. Should such a situation arise, APP will immediately disclose the situation to the client and where appropriate client sponsor or contracting source. 
  6. Intellectual Property. APP will respect, protect, and as appropriate dispose of any client intellectual property to which it is exposed. APP will respect, protect, and honor the copyright and trademark rights of third party property, intellectual and physical, and will follow all guidelines in professional application and honor all terms of use. 
  7. Legal obligation. APP will comply with all local or national laws in the conduct of our business.