What is “performance & wellness integration”?

We believe aligning, or integrating, effective practices for physical, mental, and spiritual health is the most effective and efficient way to improve accomplishment and overall health. We created the APP Method to assess, identify, measure and sustain performance and wellness, personal and professional, over time. “Performance” is the sustained achievement of goals and outcomes - professional and personal - by leaders and their teams. “Wellness“ is the choices that enable the greatest well-being to maximize potential. “Integrated” means thoughtfully selected practices that align and support each other for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Can I engage APP for one specific service such as personal training or executive coaching?

Yes, our clients sometimes engage us in one of our consulting services such as executive coaching, team effectiveness, or personal training – which we’re happy to do. Others engage us to deliver a program from our Mindfully Seminars. Whether working with Anne, Chris or both our clients get the benefit of our combined knowledge, experience and passion for performance and wellness.

How can I access APP services from a distance?

Our clients are both local to south Florida and across and outside the U.S. We work with clients at the client site and remotely through web-enabled technology. For example, a personal training session can be delivered wherever the client has a microphone/camera equipped computer. Our Mindfully Seminar series is best delivered in person.

When you say, “integrating practices of the mind, body and spirit”, what do you mean by “spirit”?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines spirit as, “the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy and power; the inner quality or nature of a person; a person.” At APP, we honor whatever notion of spirit serves the client – personality type, motives, values, passions, and beliefs religious or secular. With group clients, we focus on personality with the MBTI® or Hogan® and on mindfulness with breath, yoga and meditation. We believe that holistic development and growth is more effective when mind, body, and spirit are integrated.

What makes your services and programs “mindful”?

Simply put, mindfulness means being present and living in the moment with healthy detachment from our thoughts and emotions. We focus on the integrated development of the whole person or team across dimensions. By developing practices across mind, body, and spirit we have found people are more present in the moment, which enables the most effective and appropriate responses to what happens around them.

Between Chris and Anne I see expertise in martial arts and SCUBA diving? Do you offer training in martial arts or SCUBA?

We incorporate many aspects of martial arts and diving into our programs – most obviously in the Mindfully Safe portion of the Mindfully Mobile seminar. The mental aspects of mindfulness and mind, body, spirit integration from these two disciplines  informs all we do. Advanced self-defense is an option for personal clients and loved ones - contact us for details.