Train When and Where for You


APP designs high quality, individualized personal training programs for delivery at the client’s location, APP’s location in Sunny Isles Beach or remotely via Skype. Programs are designed with the client's life demands in mind after an extensive health and wellness evaluation and will be based on the client’s individual goals. Programs are continuously re-evaluated to reflect client progress towards goals and reaching the next level. Programs include:

  • Weight Loss/Maintenance
  • Strength Training
  • Balance and Flexibility Training
  • Cardiovascular Training


Weight loss is a combination of how much and what kind of fuel one puts in their body and how much energy is expended on a daily basis. APP helps clients learn how to make optimal food choices on any budget. Learn how to fuel the body to regain health and maintain peak performance.


Strengthening muscles is paramount to living a longer, healthier, injury free life. Whether a seasoned athlete or just getting started, muscular strength and flexibility are critical to long term health. Lean muscle mass burns more fat than just cardio alone - and doesn’t require bulking up to take advantage of those benefits.


Balance, flexibility, and agility are the foundation of any exercise program.  Proper body alignment helps prevent injury as much as proper form. Maintaining balance through proper alignment of joints prevents falls. Balance becomes increasingly important as people age. Agility training allows the body to change direction quickly, whether in sports performance or daily living. Being able to shift the body quickly may prevent falls and other injuries.


Cardiovascular training improves the efficiency of the heart and lungs to move blood, thus oxygen throughout the body.  An efficient cardiovascular system reduces or eliminates the risk of many symptoms of heart disease including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.


APP develops balanced, integrated programs enabling clients to reach their optimal health and fitness levels, thus allowing them to reach their peak performance in all aspects of their life. We tailor programs to fit the client's time demands and reinforce performance in professional and personal life. Programs may focus on a particular aspect based on client personal goals.