APP provides tailored executive assessment, feedback, development planning and performance coaching for business and organization leaders in corporate settings and professional practices, both large and small. Built on 30 years of experience solving business and leadership challenges and informed by a unique blend of professional and personal experiences, APP works with leaders to develop and refine their natural and acquired strengths and discern and address their natural and acquired weaknesses for optimal performance and wellness. 


As a senior HR executive, Chris has been helping C-suite, senior business leaders address highly challenging issues and opportunities and deliver results. He has helped leaders manage extraordinary change, navigate complex environments and is recognized as an exceptional coach to leaders and teams. Chris' brings a unique combination of successful, global, cross-industry business experience at the highest levels integrated with a mindful, balanced perspective developed through years of training and study in eastern arts and philosophies. Chris' areas of expertise include supporting leaders in new roles and leaders needing to increase their impact, effectiveness and influence from above, below and across.


APP leadership and coaching clients have the option to engage a single source for a holistic, integrated approach to performance and wellness including fitness and nutrition counsel and training. Leaders and companies engaging APP benefit from the integration of performance and wellness strategies designed to improve the leader's professional contribution to the business in a sustainable way. APP helps reduce the hidden and apparent costs of stress, poor health and the effect these conditions have on decision-making, productivity and engagement.