Mindfully Mobile

Mindfully Mobile is for frequent flyers, road warriors, and chronic commuters seeking specific, actionable approaches to gain the benefits of mindfulness as they face the challenges of travel. It succinctly presents mindfulness in a science-based, non-religious framework that can be applied in everyday life to become:

  • Mindfully Fit - effectively maintain levels of fitness with limited time, luggage space, and changing schedules by making the most of odd blocks of time and cramped spaces to optimize flexibility, strength, and overall fitness without packing gym gear.
  • Mindfully Fueled – optimally fuel when lacking control of the menu or venue by managing what you eat and drink to optimize the body’s energy and contribute to your energy and goals of fitness and weight management.
  • Mindfully Centered – begin, work through, and end each day in balance with appropriate energy, focus, and personal centeredness through portable techniques to generate and release energy, build concentration, and manage your response to stress.
  • Mindfully Safe – maintaining personal safety and situational wellness through simple but effective techniques of perception and avoidance and techniques to create space and buy time. 

Mindfully Mobile provides practical, simple practices for people with little discretionary time who feel the stress of balancing the demands of professional and personal life. It is designed to be read in the time of a flight, practiced in the space of a seat, and tweaked in the course of a life.

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Advance Praise for Mindfully Mobile

“Effective practices for people on the go that really work— you can read in an hour, try in the moment, and tweak the rest of your life.” ~ Chuck Hill, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources, Pfizer Inc.
“Mindfully Mobile is an easy read which serves up truly practical solutions for achieving wellness even while on the road. While designed for the business traveler, this book provides a holistic approach to living a balanced life which would benefit anyone.” ~ Ann Palmer, President and Chief Executive Officer at The Arthritis Foundation.
“Most of us spend a lifetime figuring out the balance of taking care of ourselves and taking care of our business. The Altizers cover all the bases— particularly for those of us who spend a lot of time in airports, hotels, and meetings.” ~ Jeffrey B. Kindler, CEO Centrexion, Inc., Chairman GLG Institute, Past CEO & Chairman Pfizer, Inc.
“Mindfully Mobile provides a practical approach to integrating fitness, fueling, centering, and safety for those who spend a lot of time on the road. Anne and Chris Altizer combine their expertise and experience to deliver well-researched, simple practices for the mind, body, and spirit.” ~ Dave Ulrich, Author, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan, Partner— The RBL Group
“Anne and Chris Altizer have provided a practical roadmap to living a fast-paced, travel-filled life in a state of mindfulness, calm, and health. This book is a gem— a “how to” for thriving happily in the modern world. It has a place of honor in my well-used briefcase.” ~ Rick Foster, Author, speaker, consultant, and co-creator of the Sustainable Happiness Course
“In today’s fast-paced world, leaders need to slow down and attend to their well-being and mindfulness so they can bring their best selves forward in all they do. Anne and Chris show us how to do that in this easy to read volume and quick reference.” ~ Nancy Gray, President, Hollins University
“It’s not how much time we have but what we do with the time we make our own. Mindfully Mobile provides you the opportunity to deliberately take a sliver of time and make it personally productive. Read it today, do something today.” ~ Cavan Redmond, Board Member The Wistar Institute, Arthritis Foundation, OncoCyte Corporation, former CEO WebMD. 


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