Caring for the mind, body, and spirit of frequent flyers, chronic commuters, and road warriors

Frequent business travel and tough commutes take a toll on our bodies, minds, and spirit. As frequent global business travelers, we have had the experience of waking up wondering what city or country we were in. Certain practices, however, help us be more “in the moment” on the road and meet our intention to take care of ourselves. Specifically, practices that help us stay:

  • Mindfully Fit - effectively maintain our levels of fitness with limited time, luggage space, and changing schedules. Mindfully Fit travelers learn how to make the most of odd blocks of time and cramped spaces. 

  • Mindfully Fueled - optimally fuel ourselves when we travel and don’t control the menu or the venue. Mindfully Fueled travelers learn how to optimize the body’s energy throughout the day. 

  • Mindfully Centered – ways to begin, work through, and end each day in balance with appropriate energy, focus, and personal centeredness. Mindfully Centered travelers learn portable techniques to generate and release energy, build concentration, and manage their response to stress.

  • Mindfully Safe - applying an integrated approach to maintaining our personal safety and situational wellness. Mindfully Safe travelers learn how to develop situational awareness, to avoid threatening situations, evade dangerous contact, and escape if danger puts a hand on you. 

These practices have evolved over years of travel informed by our formal training in yoga, fitness, and martial arts. Mindfully Mobile is a modular one-day introduction to these practices to create awareness and stimulate your thinking. APP offers personal and group training in these practice areas as well as on-going support and coaching