Effective, high-performing teams take care of themselves and take care of business

Everyone has experienced "team building" programs designed to improve collective performance - some better than others. Certain practices, however, help us be more “in the moment” working in a team and meet our intention to take care of ourselves and even each other. Specifically, practices that help us stay:

  • Mindfully Fueled - optimally fuel ourselves working alone or together and when we don’t control the menu or the venue. Mindfully Fueled team members learn how to optimize the body’s energy throughout the day and learn valuable lessons through simply preparing a meal together.

  • Mindfully Fit - effectively maintain our levels of fitness with limited time, "meeting madness" and changing schedules. Mindfully Fit team members learn simple practices that improve physical and mental flexibility and strength, improve creativity, and accelerate familiarity and trust within a group.. 

  • Mindfully Centered – ways to begin, work through and end each day in balance with appropriate energy, focus and personal centeredness. Mindfully Centered teams develop simple practices to improve focus, be more fully present, and set and meet intentions for meetings, discussions, and decisions. 

  • Mindfully Teamed - increasing awareness of and attention to a new or renewing team's Why, What, How, When, and Where to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  Mindfully Teamed groups leverage the  intellectual diversity of Who for improved communication, decision-making, prioritization and problem-solving. 

                The Mindful Team

                The Mindful Team

These practices have evolved over years of working with senior teams and informed by our formal training in yoga, fitness, personality, and over 30 years in business and senior HR roles. Mindfully Teaming can be a one-day introduction to these practices to create awareness and stimulate your thinking or a team process to develop or reimagine a team's Purpose, Outcomes, Intellectual Diversity, Norms and Operating Practices. APP offers personal and group training in these practice areas as well as on-going support and coaching.