Altizer Performance Partners



“My dear friends and colleagues, Chris and Anne bring an exceptional combination of business and life experiences and expertise to their clients. They integrate performance and wellness in ways to create incredible valuable to leaders and teams in both their professional and personal lives. I trust both their competence and their commitment to clients.”
— Dave Ulrich Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan Partner, The RBL Group

“Chris has been a valuable coach to me and others over the years; he brings keen insight, candor and a sense of balance that takes the entire person into account.”
— Jeffrey B. Kindler, CEO, Centrexion Therapeutics Corp.

Training in the martial arts is an activity that requires a significant amount of time, dedication and commitment. Anne Altizer excelled in her own training but didn’t stop there. She took the extra step of sharing her knowledge and experience with other students in our school so that they could be successful also. Her ability to interact with students of all ages and levels as well as her unique blend of discipline and patience made her a great asset to our entire organization. She brings out the best in others by demanding the best of herself.
— Michael Whiteley, Isshinryu Karate of Madison & Bernardsville, NJ

“I am the managing partner of a 100+ staff law firm in NYC. I started this firm from scratch and I run it today. I am the boss – I have nowhere to hide. The buck starts and stops with me. Along the way, when I have had difficult and seemingly unsolvable problems I have always turned to Chris Altizer – both before he started APP and then after he formed his business. Chris has always coached me to the right and, happily successful, conclusion.
— Bruce Stachenfeld, Managing Partner Duval & Stachenfeld, LLP

How leaders obtain sustainable results is as important as achieving those results. APP brings a unique balance of exceptional business judgment and HR acumen. APP’s method of integrating performance and wellness makes them a unique resource to executives and teams.
— Cavan Redmond, Board Member The Wistar Institute, Arthritis Foundation, OncoCyte Corporation, former CEO WebMD.

Our students enjoyed and learned a lot from APP’s Mindfully Safe seminar. The workshop was informative, interactive and very engaging - even for complete beginners in self-defense.
— Doug Smith, Hollins University, Roanoke, VA