APP provides an insightful, tailored approach to enabling exceptional team performance. Their approach includes assessment, feedback, prioritized planning, mindful execution and ongoing support to solve organizational and business challenges, begin a new team or renew a current team to higher performance. Chris works with senior leadership teams, large-scale project teams and functional redesign teams seeking to improve decision-making, improve communication, solve and manage conflict, increase inclusion and effectively manage change. The emphasis on daily mindfulness is a key attribute of APP's approach to team and team member effectiveness. Our deepest areas of experience and expertise include teams experiencing:


Tackling mergers & acquisitions, planning and executing reorganization, responding to volatile business conditions, initiating a start-up or turnaround, planning a changing in strategy, or attempting culture change


Developing formal and informal team and organizational decision-making design, productive conflict management, defining roles & responsibilities, strategic goal setting, incentive & reward strategies


Assessing, selecting, deploying, integrating and developing team talent with a blend of competency assessment, cultural fit, inclusion, and leadership effectiveness


The unique team offering from APP is the optional integration of Anne's fitness, nutrition or wellness component into the team improvement process. Executive or project teams feeling "burnout" can increase the team's overall resistance to stress and increase the sense of unified resilience in the face of challenging work. APP brings customized team experiences that integrate paths to superior performance with paths to wellness of mind, body and spirit. See sample programs.