Performance & Wellness

Often, "performance" is seen as what one gives and "wellness" is seen as what one aspires to get or keep in a constant struggle for "work/life balance" that becomes a zero-sum game of conflicting outcomes. APP approaches performance and wellness as complementary and mutually supportive practices that when considered together are additive to each other.We work with professional and personal clients to develop an integrated approach to optimize their performance and wellness:

  • Corporate executives seeking to leverage and expand their strengths and understand and address their weaknesses and realize their highest professional potential, with a unique emphasis on a holistic, integrated approach engaging mind, body and spirit. 
  • Leaders seeking to form or revitalize a team to optimize performance or to address a significant challenge together, with an emphasis on leveraging all the natural and acquired gifts and attributes of all team members. 
  • Leaders seeking to increase for those in their care an awareness or competence of fitness, health, personal safety, effectiveness or mindfulness.
  • People from all walks of life seeking personalized strategies and support in improving their personal fitness and wellness through personal training or nutritional guidance or expanding themselves through self defense, martial arts or diving. 

We choose the Yin Yang as our symbol as it represents our philosophy of the complementary interdependence and duality of performance and wellness. It reflects the dynamic way each rises or recedes to the other to meet the needs of the moment. 

Our unique expertise in performance and wellness comes from the professional and personal experiences and capabilities of partners Anne and Chris Altizer. Individually, each on their own possesses an impressive set of experiences - small business owner / corporate executive, certified personal trainer / human resources leader, equestrian / SCUBA instructor. Individually yet together, they are accomplished martial artists and instructors for over a decade. Together, Anne and Chris provide clients a unique offering of assessment, planning, coaching and training underscored by a code of principles and ethics that can help clients set and reach personal and professional goals of performance and wellness in an achievable and sustainable way.