Altizer Performance Partners

Performance & Wellness - Integrated

Unique, integrated, holistic approaches to performance and wellness

For Leaders, Teams and Individuals

Anne and Chris Altizer bring over 30 years experience in business and a unique combination of training and expertise to leaders in organizations large and small seeking optimal, balanced, sustainable results in both personal and professional domains. 

What we do

Improve executive performance

through in-depth assessment, insightful feedback, targeted development and executive coaching through challenging business and leadership issues.

Improve senior team performance

through start-up, change and revitalization with a focus on business planning, change leadership and mindful execution. We emphasize a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit that enables sustainable performance through wellness. 

We bring an unusual combination of senior HR experience, personal training, yoga, martial arts and diving with life experiences to help clients find and maintain an integrated balance of enabling professional and personal practices. 

My dear friends and colleagues, Chris and Anne bring an exceptional combination of business and life experiences and expertise to their clients. They integrate performance and wellness in ways to create incredible value to leaders and teams in both their professional and personal lives. I trust both their competence and their commitment to clients.
— Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan, Partner - The RBL Group

How we do it

Many think of performance and wellness as competing if not conflicting interests, similar to “work/life balance.”  Many people, especially successful business people, struggle with that balance.  Using the APP methodology, one begins to see performance and wellness as necessary and complementary components to their overall success, rather than conflicting demands that can’t be met. We work with clients to assess, identify, measure and sustain professional and personal objectives of performance and wellness.


Chris has been a valuable coach to me and others over the years; he brings keen insight, candor and a sense of balance that takes the entire person into account.
— Jeffrey B. Kindler, CEO, Centrexion Therapeutics Corp., former CEO Pfizer, Inc